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Aland New Product included in the National Annual Key New Product Plan
Writer:jiangshan    Uptime:2011-11-28    Hit:3526

Recently, according to the release of the 2011 National Science and Technology Program by the Ministry of Science of Technology, the EP grade vitamin C, the new product independently developed by our company, has been  listed among the 2011 National Annual Key New Product Plan Project.


EP grade vitamin C is the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) product designed for high-end pharmaceutical use, which meets the standard of the European pharmacopoeia (EP). The product has high purity and good stability, specifically used as the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for producing a variety of medicines, with good market prospect and high product added value. After years of effort, Aland had made the technical breakthrough and finished the technical R&D on EP vitamin C in 2009. Then the product was sent for testing in Jiangsu Drug Inspection Office, with all performance index in compliance with the EP standard. Aland owns the fully intellectual property right of the product in technology.


Currently, the EP grade vitamin C product has gone into the mass production and has been exported to the overseas high-end market.

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